Seniors Handicapés Européens

Seniors Handicapés Européens is an association that works with older people with disabilities in situations of dependency, considered as a self-help group.

In 2011 was approved a law in France that affects the rights & support for elderly & disabled dependents. Our role in Into-Active Europe project is to explore these future changes in France: a comparison with the proposals for this new law, existing services and support in partner countries currently. We want to recognize how we can enrich the lives of dependent Learners, shedding light on how we work with our European partners. We also want to directly involve our elderly, disabled and disadvantaged Learners as key participants. Some are in housing and others are in residential care and we could share the techniques of care providers used by our partners, to select those most favorable for dependents and to improve the way we all work.

In our region of the Alpes Maritimes, because of its appeal for its climate, it has become a popular destination for retirees. The problem of supporting the elderly on the Cote d'Azur is compounded by its increase. Many people who travel on the Cote d'Azur for their retirement may not be well supported by their families and must rely on the care of the state.

Through this project we want to find new ways to not only reduce costs but to find new methods to empower Learners to enrich their own lives, help bring a useful experience and skills to their communities by learning to cope with their personal dependence, leading a better life with more independence. Reducing dependency on the state would reduce its financial commitment to the dependents but would also increase quality of life, a goal for all States.


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