Fundación Diagrama

Fundación Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial is a not for profit organization which has been working on a national and international scale since 1991 with people in conflict and/or social difficulty. It received the Special Consultative Status at the United Nations Social and Economic Council and is a member of the NGO Conference holding consultative relations with the United nations in recognition of its work and background.

Approximately 3000 people are part of it, including direct and indirect professionals, volunteers and collaborators which make it possible to develop the planned actions.

The main objective of Fundación Diagrama is “To promote the development of Establishments, Programmes and Research dedicated to the prevention, treatment and integration of those target groups that are in difficulty or at social risk, especially paying attention to children, family, youth and women as well as those people who are in a dependent situation”.

Fundación Diagrama runs 32 young offender institutions and has been developing programmes, projects and initiative based on a multidisciplinary, integral and specialised in the following areas:

  • SOCIO-EDUCATIONAL AREA: the establishments, projects and programmes in this area offer a structured pedagogic and training context which favours the education, learning and development of positive values and behaviour so the target group achieves their full social, professional and family integration as part of an autonomous, responsible and satisfying model for their life.
  • SOCIO-HEALTH AREA: This area promotes and develops initiatives and actions to improve the life quality of those who are in a dependence situation as well as to promote healthy life habits through educational, information and awareness campaigns.
  • SOCIO-PROFESSIONAL INTEGRATION AREA: the main objective of the initiatives that are carried out in this area is to favour socio-professional integration by using personalised training, advice, accompaniment and monitoring itineraries for each individual’s integration process.
  • DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AREA: In this area International Development Cooperation projects are developed to improve the quality of people’s lives in general based on the defence and promotion of Human Rights.
  • RESEARCH AND TRAINING AREA: Fundación Diagrama Works on the promotion, development and dissemination of training, study, research and Publishing actions which allow us to personally and professionally get to know the current psychosocial reality better.


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