Meeting in UK

Event Date: 
April, 2013

The past 9th and 10th of April took place in the region of Kent, in southeast England, the last meeting between project partners of Into-Active Europe.

The final meeting was attended by representatives of the project partners, among which we have to mention Action with Communities in Rural Kent (United Kingdom), Fundación Diagrama (Spain), Slovak Disability Council (Slovakia) and Seniors Handicapés Européens (France). At the meeting were visited two organizations that work with people with dependency and also were discussed the findings of the study.

The first entity visited was Tenterden Day Centre, which offers assistance to elderly and people with disabilities to perform their daily activities so they can have a fulfilling life and improve their social network. Among their actions can be found organizing meetings to mitigate the isolation and creative craft workshops where they can develop their skills.

On the other hand, the organization Canterbury Oast Trust aims at social and employment integration of people with disabilities, managing a total of 17 houses for autonomy within their employment promotion resources. One of these is the Rare Breeds Centre in Woodchurch, which consist of a farm attraction, a horticultural enterprise and a wood nature reserve, receiving more than 70,000 visits per year, and where the beneficiaries are the employees. The organization has also been approved by the British Authorities for the delivery of Entry Level qualifications as well as vocational NVQs.

In addition to these visits, it was held a steering group meeting in which benefits for informal caregivers in each of the participating countries were compared, as well as the use of information and communication technology by elderly and people with disabilities. Among the findings were highlighted the need for taking into account accessibility regarding technologies development, thus preventing the creation of technological barriers.

Action with communities in Rural KentAction with communities in Rural KentAction with communities in Rural KentDiagrama EspañaEuropean Comission