Into-Active Europe has a continuation with a new Leonardo Da Vinci Project named Into Caring Europe

One of the main results of Into-Active Europe project has been the born of a new Leonardo Da Vinci project: Into Caring Europe, aimed at developing a new, Learner-led, client-friendly, practical, European Foundation Certificate in Domiciliary Care, and  analysing the care needs of the Learner group & their clients, responding accordingly, making sure the new Certificate leads to a new level of recognition of professional competence led by client need.

Two of the partners, Fundación Diagrama and Action with Communities in Rural Kent, go on with this new project, to which has been added two new partners: Diagrama Foundation (UK) and Group Ubuntu (Belgium).

This new partnership is motivated to give response to the needs detected, in each of the participating countries, in order to offer a practical training for professionals who work with people with dependency at home.


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